Adding Foliage naturally...

Working the Land

High quality compost, no till agriculture, the creation of micro-climates for growth and well being. Fostering micro-biology, adding the power of healing herbs to heal the land. Production of healthy, tasty, entirely organic fruit and vegetable. All this (and more) can be done on our land. As horses pass on, more and more land will be available. If you would like to own a tiny house and pay for it simply by doing this type of work (plus enjoy living on the land and see what else we are doing) please get in touch

Compost: Greens (plant matter from cleaning), browns (leaves, wood chips and old straw), nitrates (from horse droppings, manure and dry toilets), healing herbs (which grow wild in abundance) - all are available. In addition a roof over level earth flooring, bob cart, tractor, trailer and hand tools - are available.


Awaiting wo/men with a heart/mind for the land, and what grows on it.