From C. Sander: Biographical Notes. 1. Tension. Astonishing, no proper word exists for a basic fact of life, the tensegrity.

No name may indicate does not exist. Perhaps therefore this fundamental principle of life (even today) remains largely hidden from public view. In architecture it is widely implemented. Every single cell is constructed according to it. It denotes body form, mobility and motility. In other words, without tensegrity neither human, animal or plant life would exist, nor movement. Without it in construction stone would still be added to stone.


There is something mysterious to movement. And - it gets more mysterious when small conscious movements and breath (more precisely breathing pauses) are combined. Something inexplicable occurs in the body. Movement disorders dissolve and pain disappear. Everything well described in Zilgrei...


Why not move while you sit? We'll do a feature of this amazing piece of furniture soon. Have you noticed...?

Rocker/3 b.