Discovered what can be done with my new iPad. Amazing. Simply using a finger. After a few test runs drawing and colouring was easy. A photo of our kitchen wall served as my drawing pad. Sending all via screen shot to my laptop worked as well. The only disadvantage: No paper sketches.


Work out details in the original size, and coordination with the above chair went well. And here we go... Both rocker and chair function beautifully. Single and in combination. They are comfortable and, as envisioned, fit the table and the room they will be made for.

No problem with material orders this time. So this from now on will be the order. 1. Think up the design... 2. Work out look and colour on the iPad... 3. Work out details and dimensions one to one in original size... 4. Cut out the key pieces, keep the rest and hand all to the master craftsman... 5. Do a prototype... 6. If all is well take the measurements and order the material... 7. When it has arrived (and before work on editions begins) do a card board version of the key piece and on it note the dimensions of all other pieces (such as the back, seat and stabilisers). With single piece work out dimensions from the 1 : 1 drawing...