Our House offers opportunities for leisure. Gardening, harvesting medicinal plants, bird watching, animal observation, strolling along paths and through forests. Ball games on the new level field, sitting on a horse, jogging in the meadows. Finding peace in one of our quiet spots, or take a chair (and picnic) and discover one of your own. Enjoy coffee and music any time, join others for a happy hour afternoon tea. And don’t forget to visit the 11th century Abbey St. Vigor and the contemporary sculpture park right next to it. Or simply sit in the chapel and think.
If, in other words, you are in need of a few quiet days, with no commitments or demands, come and stay with us, just to rest. This offer extends to singles, couples, families and/or circles of friends. Groups may want to bring their own cook. Families may want to do their own cooking. You may want to organise your own workshop, put on a talk, or call a meeting.




It will be my pleasure to present the team, which (with skill and initiative) all year round upholds and supports the place and projects of Our House.  Maintenance of the land here occurs non-stop. As do repairs and renovation Winter storms bring down trees. They will be cut, split and sold as firewood, or used in-house. Hedges are cut back (and trees tailored) only if telephone lines are at risk. Brambles provide shelter for wild animals of land and forest. Blackberries make for tasty teas and delicious marmalades. However, these brambles must be contained. All summer long lawns are mowed and paths are cleared. The creation of new micro-biological life is beginning.


We welcome city dwellers who like this sort of work (in the morning or the afternoon) in exchange for free housing. A French-English-German speaking secretary with liking for the completely pointless paperwork, which French law and custom require, is wanted.


Our Land

On the way to Les Rochers

Secret Taboo and Pepita...

The giant sycamore

The entrance to the park

The field called The Cross


A field of Yarrow